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February 2, 2022by Louis Peitzman0
Full Page Video on WiFi Login

When connected to Wi-Fi in an institution, users are taken to the authorization page and after viewing ads they can access the Internet. With the help of templates, you can make beautiful authorization pages in the corporate style of the institution. Uploading a logo, background image, changing button colors and text in your personal account is very quick and easy. Follow the instructions for customizing the appearance of authorization pages.

Advertising over Wi-Fi

Display your ads over Wi-Fi. Sell ​​more products and services to your visitors. Guests of the establishment, when connected to Wi-Fi, will see your discounts and promotions. It is suitable for cafes, hotels, beauty salons, medical clinics, cinemas and other establishments. Simple setup according to the instructions , which even a child can handle.

Action Banners

In addition to going to the site, you can set up an action when clicking on a banner, for example, ordering a call back from the manager. Notifications about requests for a call are saved in the administrative panel of the portal, and for the convenience of the staff, you can configure sending notifications to the CRM system.

Displaying banners is configured by time, gender, age and device type of visitors. You can customize the display of different banners for men, women and teenagers. Impressions, clicks and CTR (banner performance indicator) statistics allow you to understand which services are most in demand.

Show promotions and discounts from the site via Wi-Fi

If your site has a section with discounts and promotions, you can add it to the authorization pages. Promotions will be automatically loaded by URL, that is, they will always be up-to-date: when changing, deleting and adding a new promotion on the site, the same thing happens in the portal. When a user clicks on a promotion, they are redirected to your website.

Authorization through social networks

Social Media Authorization to Follow: Get more followers to your social media groups with Social Authorization. You can also set up a redirect link after successful authorization: to your website or to a page on social networks.

Polls and voting over Wi-Fi

Conduct surveys, vote, collect feedback and evaluate the quality of service. You can create any survey by following the instructions .

Wi-Fi navigation

Add maps, directions, and diagrams for visitors to the Captive Portal.

Compliance with Public Wi-Fi Legislation

The authorization portal (in other words, “captive portal”, “hotspot” or “hotspot”) fully complies with the requirements of the law , releasing the device on the Internet after confirming the data bundle “phone number – mac-address of the device” in several ways, and stores this data with the ability to unloading for 12 months.

MacBook-Pro visitors

The first and, perhaps, the most common method is SMS authorization: the user enters his phone number, to which an SMS message with an access code is sent, after which the user will be granted access to the Internet. This method is familiar to users, but expensive for the owner of a Wi-Fi network, because one message costs an average of 55 fills.

Quick setup on any equipment

Setting up the portal is very convenient and fast and consists of 3 steps: you need to create a profile and select the location and type of equipment, the system will create a configuration code that you need to copy and paste according to the instructions.

For establishments with free Wi-Fi for guests, we offer a hotspot that :

Fulfills the requirements of the law regarding the identification of users of public Wi-Fi networks;
Works on most of the wireless hardware .
Makes multilingual beautiful authorization pages in the style of an institution using templates.
It has several authorization methods to choose from: by SMS, by vouchers, through social networks.
It can flexibly change the service according to your requests and tasks.
It has settings for session time limits and user traffic.
It will help to make a profit with the help of Y5Media advertising opportunities: a built-in system for displaying advertising banners, integration with promotions on the hotspot sites Wi-Fi networks. A convenient administrative control panel, easy quick setup on any equipment, an advertising management system, promotion in WiFi networks – all this will help your business develop and improve the quality of services, and therefore increase profits.

Y5Media WiFi Advertising

Based on this, with the Y5Media platform, you get not only loyalty from customers, but also trust. We care about the safe storage of users’ contact information.

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