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Read how Y5Media solutions can enhance your guest wi-fi marketing and our advertisement platform can give you more than 300% conversion rate than any other digital advertising platform including Google, social media and display networks.
February 3, 2022

Wi-Fi marketing is designed primarily for the business audience and the younger generation. Representatives of the latter spend up to 60% of their time alone with phones and tablets, not noticing advertising billboards and commercials on TV, so advertising on gadget screens is an obvious and correct solution. Pluses - mass coverage and low price for each contact with the consumer with high conversion.

February 2, 2022
Full Page Video on WiFi Login

When connected to Wi-Fi in an institution, users are taken to the authorization page and after viewing ads they can access the Internet. With the help of templates, you can make beautiful authorization pages in the corporate style of the institution. Uploading a logo, background image, changing button colors and text in your personal account is very quick and easy. Follow the instructions for customizing the appearance of authorization pages.